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Windsurf Station

Our Surf Station is located just a few meters from the water, so once we've rigged your equipment for you, all you have to do is get in the water and sail away.

We offer an excellent variety of the most recent windsurfing gear from JP (Jason Polakow), F2 and North for every level of windsurfer and for every type of windsurfing conditions. Our Surf Station is equipped with bathrooms where you can change, a freshwater shower for after windsurfing, and a place to hang your harness or other items after a day on the water.

Conditions in Cabarete Bay are ideal for every level of windsurfer

Cabarete Bay is situated so that the Trade Winds blow from the northeast, meaning you get excellent side shore winds from the right. The wind starts to blow around mid-morning, providing the perfect light wind conditions for beginners learning on bigger boards. Towards noon, the winds pick up, ranging from 4 to 6 Beaufort, and provide the ideal conditions for intermediate to expert level sailors. You can generally pick your sailing conditions as well. An outside reef, approximately 800m from shore, protects the bay, leaving the inside relatively flat. When there is big swell, the reef and outside reef areas can provide waves of up to 3 meters in height.

If there is some swell in the bay, Cabarete WINDSPORTSCLUB offers guests an alternate location for beginners, or those who may want to practice their freestyle moves on flat water. We'll arrange to transport you 10 minutes outside Cabarete, to La Boca , where there's a freshwater lagoon surrounded by beautiful palm and mangrove forests.

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